Your Beauty Horoscope of the week! (Nov 6- Nov 12)

Beauty Horoscope


Every sign in the zodiac has a beauty challenge. Find yours, and the best fix, here! Let’s find out what beauty experts are talking about you. 😉


Your life has been with a lot of ups and downs recently. But this week is filled with a lot of opportunities and learnings. It’s long past time for you to take a halt and allow the universe to assemble for a last-minute change of plans that is sure to work out. So take a halt with some soothing foot creams and moisturize your skin well with mildly scented body lotions. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


Your affiliation sector is packed with exciting energies and buoyant planets, signifying that you’ll be making an effort to enjoy yourself this week. Paint, decorate, cook, play or write music, and soak yourself in all the things that you love best. Surround yourself with your best-loved company and perfumes which will make you feel virtuous. Perfect your complexion with some color correctors.



You’re feeling stimulated and prepared to change your life — and maybe the rest of the world, while you’re at it! Rather than upsetting about bring it all together right away, make sure you take some time to ponder it over. Let your mind roam free and sightsee all the possibilities, rather than trying to set boundaries right now. So relax your eyes with chamomile tea bags and grate half a cucumber and massage around the eye area and then lie down with the cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes.

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If you can just tap into your unbelievable energy right now, you can move mounts. Direct your focus and determination toward a project you’ve been dying to initiate, or maybe some other area of your life you’ve been wanting to change. Anything can happen when you’ve got that special spark. So, acquire the special spark with some highlighters and shimmery eyeshadow. 



A flourishing of benevolence may be turning everything in spectacle rainbow-colored, so be wary of making any important long-term decisions that could seriously impact your future. If someone is pressing you, just tell them that you need to wait until you’re ready and that it might be a while. Get yourself prepared with some chubby sticks which will blur out those pores and fine lines and. And make sure you spend on some green tea.



You don’t let little things slide, for the most part. You may even take gladness in your status for focusing a bit too much on particulars. Right now, one little thing could easily ruin one very big, so think twice before you make a decision. You need to remind yourself that you are good enough. Massage some hair mask onto your scalp and leave on for five minutes before showering to let different clays absorb any trace of excess oil.



Pressure seems to speed up as the week begins. Do not give up until you reach the finish line! Winning or losing does not matter; you did it that really matters! You have been persistent and this is the time to hold on to it for a little while more! Try on some sheet masks for hydration, brightness, smoothness, and lift.

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Plan a dream trip, see an unusual fair or take a long walk somewhere you’ve never been before. In essence, you need to try things that are beyond your usual scope of experience. You need plenty of inspiration to keep your interest from fading. Concealing a multitude of complexion flaws with a concealer is a must this week and try on some face serum to get that radiance.

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It’s time to smash out your creativity and explore all kind of ideas. You’re sure to feel inspired, and play around with new ideas. This week is the perfect time to streamline your makeup bag. Start with this mattifying primer and a lip balm.

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This is the perfect week to impress people around you and stand out. You will be able to offer a solution to some major problem at your workplace or for one of your friends. It is a thrilling time for you. You need not seek attention instead people will come up to you. This week is all about investing on peel off masks and nail paints.



Right now, you might have important issues darting up in areas that need to be taken into consideration. If a relationship needs some attention, too, you’ve got the mojo for that. This week is the time to totally rethink how you sud up in the shower, buy some body washes and shower gels.

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You need to seriously pay attention to yourself. In fact, if necessary, you should turn off all communication devices and let your loved ones know that this day is all about solitude. Invest on some eyeshadows and think beyond lids; these eyeshadows look stunning layered over lipstick, on cheekbones as a highlighter, or dotted along your collarbone.

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Have an amazing week and make sure you try these beauty services and products mentioned in your zodiac sign. Stay awesome, until next time! 😉

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