Yoga For Preventing Hair Loss: 6 Poses That Can Do *Wonders*!


‘Prevent hair loss – The Natural Way’

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Winter and hair fall have always been synonyms. While we keep trying our hits and misses with different hair care products, nature always has a way to rescue us! Read below to know how a healthy body is a secret to healthy hair too!

Who would have thought that yoga could prevent hair loss? Yoga asanas and pranayama stimulate the movement of blood and oxygen to the scalp and help rejuvenate dry hair to promote hair growth. Here are six yoga poses that are known to keep your hair healthy and may stop hair fall. Number 2 is recommended if you have PCOD as well!

  1. Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt Pose)

This asana helps hair become thick and strong. It even helps in making your hair black and clears grey hair and white hair problems.

This asana is also known as the thunderbolt pose.


To attain it begin by kneeling on the floor. Feet, ankles, shins, and knees should remain in one line. Sit up tall and activate the core muscles, drawing the shoulders down the back. Point the tailbone to the floor, arms relax on the tops of the thighs or along the sides of the body, and palms are down.


  1. Pawan Mukta Asana (Wind- Relieving Pose)

This particular asana helps to nurture the thyroid gland and helps in speeding up the blood to your brain, which is a brilliant treatment for stopping hair fall. Highly recommended if you suffer from thyroid and PCOD related issues!

Pawan Mukt Asana

Stretch out your toes and keep holding the breath. Clasp right knee by both hands and in a slow movement press your knee toward your stomach. Hold for 4-5 seconds, and then touch your knee with your nose.

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3.   Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward – Facing Dog Pose)

As an inverted pose, Adho Mukha Savasana gets blood and body fluids flowing in the opposite direction. The overture is also assumed to provide a different view on an emotional level, enhancing confidence. It also energizes and rejuvenates the body.

Adho Mukha Savasana

This asana is a foundational yoga asana that requires flexibility and upper body strength. In this asana, the body forms an inverted “V” with the feet and hands pressing into the ground and the hips pushing to the sky.

4.   Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Uttanasana will wake up your hamstrings and soothe your mind. It relieves headache and insomnia. Reduces fatigue and anxiety. Also helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.


Stand with your legs close. Take a deep breath, lift up your hands while you exhale and then bend forward and touch the floor with your hands. You can also hold your hands behind your heels if you can. Stay in this forward bending position for a few seconds while breathing normally and then stand back straight while taking a deep breath.

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5.   Ustrasana (The Camel Pose) 

This asana is a part of the Surya Namaskar sequences. Also known as the hands to feet pose. It is considered for relieving stress, balancing the body and soothing the nervous system. It also helps in blood circulation, facilitating hair growth.


Kneel on the yoga mat and place your hands on the hips.Your knees should be in line with the shoulders and the sole of your feet should be facing the ceiling.As you inhale, draw in your tail-bone towards the pubis as if being pulled from the navel.Simultaneously, arch your back and slide your palms over your feet till the arms are straight.Breathe out and slowly come back to the initial pose. Withdraw your hands and bring them back to your hips as you straighten up.

6.   Sasanka Asana (The Hare Pose)

Sasanka asana means the hare posture. Regular practice of Sasanka asana helps to improve blood circulation to all abdominal organs. It vitalizes pelvis and nerves of the lower back. Relieves seminal weakness.

Sasanka Asana

Sit straight with spine and head erect. Rest the palms on the thigh. Slowly take your hands back, make the fist of the right hand and hold right wrist from the left hand. While inhaling, slowly bend backward from the root of the waist region as much as possible. While exhaling, slowly bend the trunk forward and rest the forehead on the floor. Relax the shoulders. While inhaling, come up to the sitting position. Repeat this practice 8 to 10 rounds.

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