Common Makeup Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

makeup myths and confusions
Common Makeup Myths That You need to stop believing right now

You will see a lot of facts about Makeup on the Internet and probably will believe and apply them and then PROBABLY, you will lose your glow. Because you will probably not research about them and apply them blindly and will probably sit in the corner of your home crying.

The world of Makeup and Beauty Cosmetics is full of myths and wrong facts which you can fall for and regret later. To avoid the probably situation, here is a list of some common makeup myths you need to stop believing right now.



The color of lipstick you are going to apply depends on a lot of factor, from your skin tone to the other makeup products you are using that day and to even the dress you are wearing. So if someone comes up and tell you to not use certain color just because it is believed it won’t suit you, you need to shut them the f*ck up.



You have probably heard someone saying “Nothing happens if you sleep with your makeup on”. Yeah nothing will happen apart from your skin losing it’s health. While sleeping our skin breathes and freshens up. Having a makeup on while sleeping will result in your skin not receiving proper air and you know the result.

Don’t do this unless you want to wake up like Harley Quinn in the morning



Like seriously you are going to believe this? This is probably your boyfriend saying to you because he doesn’t want to go shopping with you. Well, ask them to use it on their skin and see the result yourself.



Sit down and understand this, Modern foundation contains lots of useful skin-caring ingredients, SPF protection, and components that protect skin from adverse environments, moisturizing it during the day. All you need is to choose a product according to your skin type.



It is recommended to apply the foundation and then hide the other marks by using a concealer. Don’t fall for any advice contrary to this.



Yes you need to wash your makeup brush even when you are the only one using them. Your brush comes in contact with many products and surfaces and leaving it unwashed can make it a home of bacterias. Do you need them on your skin?  

Eeeewwwwwww right!!!!!



Use it only if you think you might get caught up in the rain, because removing the waterproof mascara is very tough and can result in excessive rubbing of your eyes.

What do you want?

Waterproof Mascara or Healthy eyes?



It is very confusing on what to use among these too , ain’t it?

Here is the answer.

Primer not only moisturizes your skin, it also smoothes it. Also, Makeup applied over primer lasts much longer.

These are some of the common makeup myths you need to be very clear about, the advice is to never believe any facts without proper researching especially in this industry. One wrong decision and *boom* goes your glow.

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