Chic and Trendy Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

Have beautifully long tresses? Don’t know how to style them? Craving for an ultra-modern hairdo but confused with the options? Don’t worry. Here we have assimilated some exclusively accepted layered haircuts attained by many ladies with long tresses.

Hairstyles or hairdos for long hair are on hype day by day with new styles emerging every fresh season. Women are changing their hairstyles too just with the change in the breeze of style.

Hence, here we will discuss all sorts of long layered hairstyles which simply look fantastic even if they are simple.

Not everyone can handle and manage to nurture their hair long. One of the common problems faced by women these days is brittleness, and sometimes, long hair feels like a burden—it is literally heavy.

If you belong to the latter case then some cool layered hairstyles for long hair described here are the best solution. You can grow your hair to spiteful lengths without the heaviness that all that hair carries with it.

But if you’re among those lucky girls who have long hair but are unsure about how to style it, then you’re in the right place.

So just scroll through different layered hairstyles for long hair mentioned below and pick the best one that you can suit yourself with.

Best Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

Although this look has long been the classic symbol of a bohemian style, long hair can fit any style and personality. Check out the list of great styles below.

#1: Multi-Layered Mix

This is just the eventual one for any woman with long hair who desires a sleek, chic cut. It provides wave to your hair along with movement. Here the mixture of layers is the secret ingredient, have a look at how the shortest layers only exist to frame the face. Most of the layers are mid-length.

Multi-Layered Mix

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#2: Face-framing Layers

This is one of the most pleasurable hairstyles for long hair, no matter what is the color or texture of your hair. The cut blends perfectly the longer layers with the rest of the hair. However, the layers that really matter are the ones framing the face. This hairstyle usually starts at the chin.

Face-framing Layers

Image Source

#3: Jagged Two-Tone Layers

There’s a touch of ‘90s-nostalgic’ in this cut. Length of locks, which is on the shorter side of long, is part of it. However, it’s mostly the edgy, jagged layers with two tones. The subtle highlights and curls make this as one of the awesome looks this 2017.

Jagged Two-Tone Layers

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#4: Long Tousled Layers

This is a gorgeous, headboard look evocative of Brigitte Bardot. You just need to combine long locks with bangs ask your hair expert, —the heavier, the better— and just add some tousled curls. How sexy is this ‘hairdo? What do you say? Will you try this easy and cute hairstyle for long layered hair?

Long Tousled Layers

Image Source

#5: Long Layered Ombre Hair

Holdup this style just by asking your hair stylist for short layers along with longer ones! However, none in between! Extreme layers are perfect for fine hair as they add so much waves and tome to hair. And you won’t believe…this classy hairstyle will take your ponytail to the next level!

Long Layered Ombre Hair

Image Source

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#6: Messy, Loose Curls with Voluminous Bangs

To get this voluminous haircut, different barrel sizes are used while curling your hair, flashing the direction of your curls. This hairdo promises that your hair will look amazing without being overdone. For an erotic touch, go for untidy side locks by putting a slit on them and curling the ends backward.

Messy, Loose Curls with Voluminous Bangs

Image Source

#7: Edgy V-Line Layers

Opposing to the popular belief, no matter how the length is, a mane with layered haircut can look stupendous stylish. This hairstyle is the case to prove. The way these locks are cut simply lets the ends curl towards the center, thus, creating an offbeat V-line. Get this look by covering the bottom portion of your hair around a thick twisting iron.

Edgy V-Line Layers

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#8: Balayage for Long Layers

Many love the idea of long layers. But do you find it to be high maintenance seekers? If that’s your case, try this unique kind of cut, these subtle layers. Certainly, the varying lengths look dense. However, these layers fall slickly for a chic style. It will give more or a natural look than forced. It will look great like beachy waves or a polished blowout.

Balayage for Long Layers

Image Source

#9: Layered with a Flip

Look at bounce and wave you get! For all the girls with long hair, layered haircuts are the key to making curls and waves last longer. Without layers, all your long locks get heavy. You will eventually lose their shape and bounce. In this hairstyle short and medium-length layers take away that bulk and weight, giving your curls a bouncy and perfectly formed look.

Layered with a Flip

Why are Long Layered Hairstyles appreciated?

  1. A layered fringe haircut simply adds volume to your long hair and allows flexibility during styling. Ask expert hairdresser for long layers at the back and smooth, arranged layers to frame the face.
  2. Don’t forget about minute details even. Consider your personal style while choosing the layered hairstyle. Long layers that mix up with one another, look smooth and glossy. While a long shag haircut looks more of half-done and messy.
  3. While cutting the layers framing the face is important, experts cut the shortest layer so that it highlights the most cheering point on your face—most often the cheekbones or the chin.

Ladies with long hair are seemed to be blessed with an edge of beauty as they can play with their tresses in any way they like. Trendy Layered hairstyles for Indian hair give their face a nicer shape and make their hair look attractive and easily styled.

As an advice, if you have fringes as the initial layer of a different cut, then you surely have a lot to make these with layered hairstyles for long hair with side fringe.

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Enjoy a lovely hairdo!

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