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10 Questions To Ask Yourself And Your Hairstylist Before You Change Your Hair Color

Dying your hair may seem like a superficial thing to lose sleep over, but for anyone who’s actually taken the decision and done it, you know it can be a completely life-changing experience. So before getting your hair colored; make sure you ask these questions to yourself and your stylist.   Is my hair healthy enough to dye it? Pull a strand of your hair taut, add a drop of water, and count how many seconds it takes for your hair to fully absorb the

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Bridegroom, to Be! Don’t forget to Read these Essential Grooming Tips!

bridegroom essential grooming tips

Are you waiting for that auspicious day in your life? Going to become a bridegroom soon? Don’t overlook to grooming yourself. Yes…you read it right. You also need to groom yourself in the name of pre-wedding preparations. Gone are the days when a groom used to stand in a corner while his bride seeks all the attentions.  All relatives, guests and even you get stuck on to her splendid bridal look. But being a groom is no more a casual

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Top 5 Salons for Body Polishing in Delhi NCR

Tan-optimizing Body Polish

When it comes to beautifying the glory, women usually prefer facials only. However, some people try some other ways as well to beautify themselves. When it comes to proceeding with the perfect care on the body, the body polishing is the perfect remedy. Have you lost the youthful glow of your skin? Is your skin looking dull and lifeless? Then it is the best time for a revitalizing all-over body polish to restore its fresh glow. If you’ve never had

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10 Facials For Glowing Skin In Parlor You Must Try

Facials For Glowing Skin In Parlor

Hey! Gorgeous ladies… how often do you give yourself time to have a soothing facial in the parlor? Do you have an idea how many types of facials for glowing skin are available these days? Have you ever thought of the type of facial that will suit you the best? Well, I doubt it. To make you know, there are many types but here we have made the assortment of top 10 facials for glowing skin in the parlor that

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Men are getting these 5 crazy haircuts and You can get one too ! At just 99 INR !

Your hair is 90% of your selfie. So why not give all the pampering to your hair by just getting a new haircut through Olready? Here’s a list of the top hair trends for every man who wants to stay on top of his style game: Short Sides with Medium Length Hair on Top Rock this haircut even with a beard. Looks perfect for both formal and casual look.   Modern Faux Hawk If you feel a little punk rock,

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7 Sparkling Nail Designs For Long Nails

  Women are said to be truly in love with their nails and following the trend, they are crazy about nail art as well. Nail designs are quite famous these days and nail art designs look more beautiful on longer nails compared to short nails. Hence, women are always in search of some sparkling nail designs for their long nails to attain a perfect look in any event. By using different colored nail polishes, you can give a fantastic look

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Celebrity Haircuts to Rock this season & Where to get them !

Ever wondered how one haircut can change your whole look ? Well , what are you waiting for? Olready has amazing discounts on haircuts and there are a lot of new haircuts to try this season, choose one which suits your style and flaunt it. Bold Fringe: Fringe is not just for the daring fashionista girls , men can rock it too but can be pulled off by anyone. Stay super classy and make a statement with the fringe. Wave textured

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6 Startling Hair Color Ideas for Men to Rock The Party

Blue Ombre Hair Color

Are you planning to change your hair color in 2017 or just want to hide your grays? Then some startling hair color ideas for men are here for you. Making dull and gray hair look shinier and healthier was never so cool before. Coloring hair seemed to be the most despicable act earlier. But not now! Luckily, coloring hair has turned out to be more stylish and pioneering than ever. There are plenty of fresh and delightful all over hair

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