7 Sparkling Nail Designs For Long Nails


Women are said to be truly in love with their nails and following the trend, they are crazy about nail art as well. Nail designs are quite famous these days and nail art designs look more beautiful on longer nails compared to short nails. Hence, women are always in search of some sparkling nail designs for their long nails to attain a perfect look in any event.

By using different colored nail polishes, you can give a fantastic look to your nails. It’s not that nail art is not meant for short nails but on long nails, you can use different types of shades and designs.

You can choose exclusive patterns which we have assimilated here with suitable color for your nails just to attain a unique look.

For making the designs funny and giving an interesting look to your nails you can use strips and polka dots.

For getting a glamorous look to your nails you can use glitters and gives shiny look to your nails.

It will be very fantastic to have colorful nail designs for long nails. If not those bright colors, the classic black, and white nails are also in trend. Try them as a safe option for any occasion.

Take a look at 8 beautiful nail designs for long nails

Amazing nail designs for long nails

  1. Bling nail designs for long nails

You will definitely love this one. It actually gives you the most modish and classy look when carried out with a perfect voguish outfit. Ladies…time to sparkle at your event with this sparkling and one of the best nail designs for long nails.

  1. Classic French tips nail designs for long nails

French tip nails are chic, polished, and timeless look and due to long nails, the tips are fairly easy to paint.  If you are looking for a more dramatic look over your French manicured stiletto nails then your best choice is here. Paint the tips colorful or come up with a design to truly showcase your personality. Have an idea here or put in your creativity if you want. Well, from now no more white and boring white tips!

  1. Black and white nail designs for long nails

Black and white designs with superb studs look elegant with any of the looks you carry. With matte black nail paint, it looks stunning. Then again, crystal or studs always look great on black long nails. To give a decent look you can try it as simple as many suits you.

Source: StayGlam.com

  1. Flowery colorful nail designs

Flowers and though colorful flowers are an essential part of every woman wear. So, the patterns also compliment within the nail designs for long nails as well. Take advantage of this simple but colorful nail designs for long nails if you love flamboyant nails. This is perfect for gorgeous ladies who love to try something fresh and students who prefer subtle but still gorgeous nails with every day wears.

  1. Stiletto nail designs

Stiletto nails are bold and fierce and give more room to any of the patterns you want to put up. They are oval shaped nails and more pointed than rounded. Due to its specific pattern, stiletto nails are getting highlighted in the fashion world; a maximum number of celebrities is carrying this style. As the trend is mounting, even common women are starting to catch on this daring look which is the perfect nail designs for coffin nails.

Yes, it’s exactly what stiletto nails are: daring. So, are you ready to try this daring look?

  1. Wedding Nail designs for long nails

Although red and white are most favored nail colors of all brides in India but nowadays various nail art designs are also available and worth a try. White lace rose, snowflakes are just a few additives to make creative patterns on wedding nail designs that can be applied to your nails if you are to wear your wedding dress soon.

  1. Pastel nail designs for long nails

Simply stylish and classy nail designs for long nails… yes, I am talking about this art designs. This design adds elegance and style to your long as well as short nails like no other nail art. Generally, you would find women applying pastel nail art designs in different patterns but in common shades of pink and peach. But the gallery is not limited to these colors only. Bright colors can also be used to make this pattern on longer nails.

Pastel nail designs for long acrylic nails with geometric shapes and stripes in specific designs look stunning and can be done easily.

  1. Nude and Glitter nail designs for long nails

Glitter is on trend and always makes nude nails ten times better than any other style. It’s sophisticated and attractive at the same time. I myself love getting nude nail polishes. But if you have a crinkly mood; then you can add some gems to make it stand out.

Have you liked any of these patterns? Then, do all of these on perfectly shaped long nails and manicured hands for a perfect night out!

If you are about to shine this evening in a party then pick the perfect nail design from here that can complete your evening dresses glamorously.

Although all these designs are DIYs; but somehow the perfection gets missing if you try them at home. Perfectionists are there in your city to handle this art with care.

Why not give a try at the nail art salons near you. The list of best nail art designs salons is below.

  1. Adhya Nail Studio

Address: Shop No. 3 G-28/1A Rajouri Garden main market, New Delhi 27

  1. Kainaash Nail Room

Address: Shop Number 3, Block A 1, Birla Farms, Near Tivoli Garden, Chattarpur, New Delhi 110074

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