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Touch Up - Heena

Hair Colour Touchup

Hair Colour - L'Oreal (based on length)

Hair Colour - Wella (based on length)

Hair Colour - Touch Up (Inova)

Highlights (Per Streak)

Hair Colour Touch Up (Majirel)

Streax Touchup

Hair Colour - Highlights (Per Streak)

Hair Colour - Touch Up (Majirel)

Hair Colour - Highlights

Global Hair Colour - Majirel (Onwards)

Global Hair Colour - Inova (Onwards)

Hair Highlights - Crown

Hair Colour - Ombre

Hair Colour - Pre Lightning

Hair Colour - Highlights - Crown (Majirel)

Hair Colour - Hightlights - Crown (Inova)

Hair Colour - Hair Polishing

Hair Colour - Highlights (Majirel)

Hair Colour - Highlights (Inova)

Hair Color - Global (Majirel)

Hair Color - Touch Up(with own color)

Hair Colour - Inova

Hair Colour 8 Streak

Hair Color - Per Streak 5

4 Hair Color Streaks

Bed - Head

Root Touch Up - Majirel/ Amonia

Root Touch Up - Inoa/ Amonia Free

Color Refreshment

Male Root Touch Up - Majirel / Amonia

Male Root Touch Up - Inoa/ Amonia Free










hair Colour

Root touch-up W/O Blow dry

Crown Root touch-up W/O Blow dry

Global Full hair


Schwarzkopf Full Head Color (Men)

Schwarzkopf Root Touch Up (Men)

Full Head Streaking (Men)

Full head Color

Full Head Streaking

Root Touch up Loreal (Men)

Full Head Loreal Colour - Mejirel (Men)

Full Head Loreal Colour - Inoa (Men)


Waxing - Full Body (Normal)

Waxing - Full Legs (Normal)

Waxing - Half Legs (Normal)

Waxing - Half Arms (Normal)

Waxing - Full Arms (Normal)

Waxing - Underarms (Normal)

Waxing - Full Back (Normal)

Waxing - Half Back (Normal)

Waxing - Full Front (Normal)

Waxing - Half Front (Normal)

Waxing - Bikini (Normal)

Waxing - Bikini Line (Normal)

Waxing - Full Body (Rica)

Waxing - Full Legs (Rica)

Waxing - Half Legs (Rica)

Waxing - Half Arms (Rica)

Waxing - Full Arms (Rica)

Waxing - Underarms (Rica)

Waxing - Full Back (Rica)

Waxing - Half Back (Rica)

Waxing - Full Front (Rica)

Waxing - Half Front (Rica)

Waxing - Bikini (Rica)

Waxing - Chin (Normal)

Waxing - Upper Lips (Normal)

Waxing - Side Locks (Normal)

Waxing - Full Face (Normal)

Chin (Katori Wax)

Upper Lips (Katori Wax)

Waxing - Side Locks (Katori)

Waxing - Full Wax (Katori)

Waxing - Full Arms (Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Legs (Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Front(Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Back(Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Body(Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Arms(Green Apple)

Waxing - Full Legs(Green Apple)

Waxing - Full Front(Green Apple)

Waxing - Full Back(Green Apple)

Waxing - Full Body(Green Apple)

Waxing - UpperLips(Rica)

Waxing - Chin(Rica)

Waxing - Nose(Rica)

Bikni Wax Rica

Waxing- Full Arms (Chocolate)

Waxing - Underarms (Chocolate)

Waxing - Bikini (Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Face (Chocolate)

Waxing - Body Wax (Chocolate)

Waxing - Full Body Wax (Chocolate)

Waxing-Full Face (Regular)

Waxing-Full Face (International)

Waxing-Full Arms (International)

Waxing-Full Body (International)

Waxing-Bikini Line (International)

Waxing-Upper Lips (International)

Waxing-Half Arms (International)

Waxing-Half Legs (International)

Waxing-Side Locks (International)

Waxing-Full Legs (International)

Waxing-Brazilian (International)

Waxing-Under Arms (International)

Waxing-Full Body (Regular)

Waxing-Chin (International)

Waxing-Midriff (International)

Full wax (legs, arms & U.arms)

Body wax (legs, arms, U.arms, front & back)

Full Wax Oil (legs, arms & U.arms)

Body Wax Oil (legs, arms & U.arms, Front & Back)

Full legs Oil Wax

Full arms Oil Wax(w/o under arms)

Under arms Oil Wax


Facial - Herbal

Facial - Aroma

Facial - Gold

Facial - Papaya

Facial - O3+

Facial - Lotus

Facial - Raaga

Facial - Sara

Facial - Ozone

Facial - Skyndoor

Facial - VLCC

Facial - Diamond

Facial - Casmara

Facial - Choko

Facial - Fruit

Bleach - Wella

Bleach - Gold

Bleach - Oxy

Bleach - DeTan

Clean Up - Herbal

Clean Up - Aroma

Clean Up - Gold

Clean Up - Papaya

Clean Up - O3+

Clean Up - Lotus

Clean Up - Vedic Line

Clean Up - Ozone

Clean Up- VLCC

Bleach - Anti Tan

Face Treatment - Pigmentation (Vedic line )

Facial - Pearl (Vedic line)

Facial - Diamond (Vedic line)

Facial - Gold sheen (Lotus)

Facial - Glow Dermi (Lotus)

Facial - Insta fair (Lotus)

Facial - 4 Layer (Lotus)

Facial - Rejuvenating

Facial - Acne Healing

Facial - Purifying

Facial - O3+ Seawed / Whitening

Facial - Radiant

Facial - Wine

Facial - Senstive & Delicate Prestige

Face Treatment - Facial (Ultimo 24 Karat Gold)

CleanUp - Radiant

CleanUp - O3+

Bleach - Fruit

CleanUp - Casmara

CleanUp - Skin Tone (Whitening)

CleanUp - Purifying

CleanUp - Fruit

Face Mask - Exfoliation Peel

Cleanup - Advanced (Klapp)

Facial - Extra Glow (Klapp)

Facial - Insta Glow (Klapp)

Facial - Insta Glow (Klapp Gold)

Facial - Insta Glow (VLCC)

Facial - Anti Acne (Cheryl's)

Facial - De Pegmentation (VLCC)

Facial - Glow (Cheryl's)

Facial - Diamond (Raga)

CleanUp - Aroma

CleanUp - Glow

CleanUp - Cheryl

Waxing - Upper Lips (Katori)

Facial - Organic

Facial - Oxy Life

CleanUp - Herbal

Facial - Neem Brahmi (Vedicline)

Facial - Gold (Vedicline)

Facial - Whitening (Vedicline)

Facial - Whitening (O3+)

Facial - ON Glow

Facial - Oil (Morocane)

Skin Care - Cool mint (Vedicline)

Facial - Hydrogenating

Facial - Normal Skin (Aqua)

Facial - Oily Skin (Camphor)

Facial - Brightening (Oxygenating)

Facial - Age Control (Toning & Hydration)

Facial - Premium (Optimum)

Facial - Asta Very

Facial - White Glow (Lotus)

Facial - Whitening (Kaya)

Facial - Glow (VLCC)

VLCC Pearl/Gold/Silver Facial

Facial - Aloe Vera

Facial - Collagen

Facial - Tropicana

Facial - Wine (Vedic Line)

Facial - Whitening (Thai)

Facial - Mixed (Fruit)

Facial - Sensitive Skin (Aroma)

Facial - Acne Treatment (Aroma)

Facial - Fairness (O3+)

Facial - Lulur Monde

Facial - Champagne

Facial - Oily Skin (O3+)

Facial - Acne Treatment (O3+)

Facial - Diamond (O3+)

CleanUp - Kaya Kalp

CleanUp - Cheryl's

CleanUp - A+

Face Pack - Regular

Face Pack - Whitening

Face Pack - O3+

Face Mask - Peel (Organic)

Facial - Power (Vedic Line)

Facial - Argan Oil (Vedic Line)

Facial - Fruit Booster (Natural)

Facial - Gold (Vedic Line)

Facial - Oily Skin (Lotus Puritanical)

Facial - Normal/Dry Skin (Lotus Hydra vitals)

Facial - All Skin (Natures Diamond)

Facial - Cool mint (Ayurveda)

CleanUp - Cool mint (Ayurveda)

Facial - All Skin (Jovees Aroma)

Facial - Jovees Anti Ageing

CleanUp - Anti Ageing (Jovees)

Facial - Anti Blemishes (Jovees Papaya)

CleanUp - Utrizena

Thermo Mask

Face Mask - Power (O3+)

Facial - Gold (Tejas)

Facial - Argan Oil (Moroccan)

Facial - Anti Sebum Glow (Cheryl's)

Facial - Fairness Vitamin C (Cheryl's)

Facial - Advanced Firming (Lotus)

Facial - Snow White (Cheryl's)

CleanUp - Puravitals Fruit (Lotus)

Facial - Hydra (Lotus)

Facial - De - Tan

Facial - Skin Nourishing

Facial - Firming (Thermo Pack)

CleanUp - Eminence Express

Facial - Ana

Facial - Spa

Facial - Acne Control

Facial - Skin Lightning

Facial - Signature KOSH

Facial - Vitamin C (BIO Marine)

Facial - AVOCADO

CleanUp - Aloevera

Facial - Instant Glow (Veg Peel)

CleanUp - Gold

CleanUp - Diamond

Facial - Asta Berry

Facial - Anti Glow (VLCC)

Facial - Silver

Facial - Aloevera

Facial - Shahnaz

Facial - Anti Tan (VLCC)

Facial - Natures (O2+)

Facial - Electro Protein

Facial - Anti Tan

Facial - Silver Sheen

Facial - Gold Radiance

Facial - Tan Removal

Facial - Illuminating

Facial - Glow (Pearl)

Clean Up - Oxy

CleanUp - Pearl

Clean Up - AromaMagic

Clean Up - Biotique

Facial - Ritual Special

Facial - Deep Pigmentation(Lotus)

Treatment - Lotus Acne

Treatment - Face(Biotique)

Facial - VegPeel

Facial - Diamond(O3+)

Treatment - Ozone Acne

Facial - Ozone(Fair4Sure)

Facial - Moroccan(Vedic Line)

Face Pack - Normal

Treatment - Skin (O3)

CleanUp - Korean

Facial - Korean

Treatment - Skin (Korean)

Facial - Kiana

Cleansing - Kiana

Face Mask

Face Scrub

Bleach - Cheryl

Clean Up - OxyLife

Bleach - Face (Sara)

Bleach - Half Back (Sara)

Face - Scrub

Face - Scrub & Gel

Facial - Pearl

Facial - Silk Berry

Face - DeTan Pack

Facial - Detan(ozone)

Facial - Detan(Sara)

Cleanup - Biotic

Cleanup - Lotus

Cleanup - Diamond(VLCC)

Cleanup - Diamond(Lotus)

Cleanup - Diamond(O3+)

Cleanup - Organic(Ozone)

Cleanup - Kaya

Facial - Detan

Facial - Anti Aging(Lotus)

Clean Up - Natures

Facial - Gold(VLCC)

Facial - Silver(VLCC)

Facial - Diamond(VLCC)

Facial - Gold(Natures)

Facial - Diamond(Natures)

Facial - Silver(Natures)

Facial - Pearl(Natures)

Facial - Papaya(Natures)

O3 + Serum Facials

O3+ Anti Aging or Skin Lightning Facial

D - Tan (Pack)

Lotus Advanced Radiant Glow

Lotus Advanced Firming

Cheryl's by Loreal O2C2

Cheryl's by Loreal Glovite

Lotus Acne

O3+ Seaweed Power

Lotus Puravitals Fruit Clean Up

Cheryl's Loreal Snow White

O3+ Instant Whitening Clean Up

Facial-Melafadin Fair Skin

Facial-Calming And Soothing Treatment (For Sensitive Skin)

Facial-Balance (Barbor)

Facial-Hydra Quench (For Dry Skin)

Facial-Luxury Caviar Treatment (By Dr Roland Sacher)

Bleach - Face

Basic Facial

Basic Clean up

Cavin Care(strawberry/anti-aging)

Cavin Care(gold/platinum/anti-acne)

Phytomer Facial

Face Clean (30 min)

Detox face Clean (30 min)

Detox Face Pack

Face Bleach Fem /Jolen/Oxy bleach

Bleach Oxy (Men)

Anti - Tan Bleach (Men)

O3+ Clean Up (Men)

Schwarzkopf Bleach (Men)

Aroma Clean Up (Men)

Lotus Clean Up (Men)

Aroma Advance Facial (Men)

Lotus Rejuvina Facial (Men)

Lotus Instafair Facial (Men)

Goldsheen Facial (Men)

Advance Derma Facial (Men)

O3+ Diamond Facial (Men)

Schwarzkoph Bleach

Clean up - Phytomo

Clean Up - Advance Derma Therapy

Facial - Advance Derma Therapy

Facial - Instafair

Facial - Wine

Facial - Phytomo

Facial - Cheryl's Treatment

Facial - Glyco Pure Treatment

Facial - Tightning / Instaglow

Facial - Platinum

Facial - Chocolate

Facial - Haldi Chandan

Facial - D Tan/ Mint/ Strawberry

Clean Up - D tan/ Fruit


Waxing - Mens (Rica)

Hair Colour - Touch Up (Heena)

Hair Treatment - Fall Control (Herbal)

Full Hair Colour - L'Oreal

Full Colour - Wella

Beard Trim

Hair Treatment - Power Dose

Hair Spa - Schwarzkopf

Touch Up - Streak


Treatment - Power Dose

Hair Coloring - Mustaches

Hair Coloring - Beard

Waxing - Full Front / Back (Rica)

Hair Cut + Head Massage + Hair Color <br> + Pedicure + Shave

Facial - Gold Dermi (Lotus)

Bleach - Gold (Natures)

Hair Colour - L'oreal

Highlights - Global (Majirel)

Hair Colour - Global (Inova)

Highlights - Crown (Inova)

Clean Up + Bleach + Hair Cut <br> + Shave + Pedicure + Manicure

Root Touch Up + Hair Spa <br> + Hair Trim / Hair Cut

Head Massage / Bleach <br> + Hair Cut + Shave

Shampoo & Conditioner + Hair Cut <br> + Styling Shave

Shampoo - Men

Shave - Gillette (Gel)

Hair Cut - Styling

Clepper Cutting

Manicure + Pedicure <br> + Bleach + Cleanup

Chest Waxing Rica + Full Arms Waxing Rica

Shave (Onwards)

Beard Setting (Onwards)

Haircut + HeadMassage + Shave + Shampoo

Haircut + Hairspa/Haircolor + Pedicure

Normal Facial + Haircolor/Hairspa + Haircut + Shave

Haircut + HeadMassage + Shave + Pedicure

Touchup + Cleanup + Pedicure + Haircut

Hair Cut + Shampoo + Head Massage

Hair Cut + Shave + D-Tan

Clean Up (Vedic Line) + Hair Cut + Shave / Shampoo

Hair Cut + Deluxe Hair Spa + Head Massage

Facial (Deluxe) + D-Tan <br> + Hair Cut + Shave

Hair Straightening

Moustache Colour

Hair Streaks

Colour - Side Locks

Hair Spa - Moroccan

Hair Spa - Bad Head

Haircut + Shave / Bread Trim <br> + Hair Wash with Conditioning

Waxing Front Rica + Waxing Back Rica

Men's Rebonding

Waxing Front Rica





Hair Spa Metrix

Katori Face Wax

Manicure O3


Touch Up ( Inova )

Blow Dry

Manicure Deluxe

Manicure Normal

Bread Spa

Full Arms (Rica) + Full Front (Rica) + Full Back (Rica)

Haircut + Hair Spa + Hair Color

Rebonding (Men)

Men - Hair Cut

Waxing - Full Men Body Wax (Chocolate)


Hair cut Includes shampoo

Hair Cut Boys below 10 yrs

Hair Cut Senior Citizens Above 60 yrs

Shampoo (MEN)

Styling (MEN)

Hair and Scalp Treatments (MEN)

Oil massage (30 minutes) with shampoo (MEN)

Straightening (MEN)

Rebonding (MEN)

Face clean (30 minutes)

Detox Face clean (MEN)

Face Pack (MEN)

De Tan Pack (MEN)

Face Bleach Fem /Jolen/Oxy bleach (MEN)

Threading Eyebrows/PartFace/Forehead (MEN)

Threading Eyebrows/PartFace/Forehead (MEN)

Groom’s Make Up

Threading (Men)

Full Body Wax (Men)

Body Therapy (Men)


Makeup - Bridal

Makeup - Party

Hair Do

Saree Draping

Makeup - Bridal (Air Brush)

Makeup - Bridal (Mac)

Makeup - Bridal (kryolan)

Makeup - Bridal (Artist)

Makeup - Engagement (Kryolan)

Light Makeup

Makeup - Bridal (HD)

Organic Facial + Manicure (Normal) + Pedicure (Normal) + Wella Face Bleach + Herbal Body Treatment + Full Body Wax (Normal)

Day Make - Up

Silicon Make - UP

Smokey Night Make - Up

Engagement Make - Up

Sagan Make - Up

Reception make - Up

Sagan + Wedding + Reception

Air brush bridal combo

1 Month Before Wedding Facial O3+ + Hair Spa & Powder Dose - L'Oréal + Body Polishing + Manicure - Lotus + Pedicure - Lotus + Full Arms Wax - Normal + Full Legs Wax - Normal + Threading

2 Month Before Wedding Sessions - Facial - O3+ + Hair Spa & Powder Dose - L'Oréal + Body Polishing + Manicure - Lotus + Pedicure - Lotus + Full Arms Wax - Normal + Full Legs Wax - Normal + Threading ( Total Sessions 15 )

3 Months Before Wedding Facial - O3+ + Hair Spa & Powder Dose - L'Oréal + Body Polishing + Manicure - Lotus + Pedicure - Lotus + Full Arms Wax - Normal + Full Legs Wax - Normal + Threading ( Total Sessions )

Hair do + Light make up

Pre - Bridal Makeup

Makeup-Eye (Junior)

Makeup-Base (Junior)

Makeup-Any Other Occasion (Junior)

Makeup-Any Other Occasion (Senior)

Makeup-Base (Consultant)

Makeup-Eye (Senior)

Mac Makeup + Hair style

Makeup + Hair Style ( Baby )

Hairstyle For Baby Girl (onwards)

Makeup - HD

Air Brush With Senior Artist

Bridal With Senior Artist

Others Makeup With Senior Artist

Air Brush With Junior Artist

Bridal/Engagement/Reception With Junior Artist

Party With Junior Artist

Pre-Bridal Package For Just -(15 To 20 Days Before cavincare) Facial (gold/platinum/anti-acne)+Manicure (normal)+Pedicure (normal)

2 Days Before -Face Bleach+Body Bleach+Normal Wax (full Arms, Full Legs, Under Arms)+Crystal SpaManicure & Pedicure Cavincare+Facial (gold/platinum/anti-acne)+Hair Spa+Eyebrows Upper-lip+Threading

Make Up - Air Brush

Make Up - Silicon Party

Make Up - Pigment Glow (Party)

Make Up - Crystal Glow (Party)

Make up - Mac (Party)

Make up - Air brush (Party)

Make Up - Pigment glow (Sagan)

Make Up - Crystal Glow (Sagan)

Make Up - Mac (Sagan)

Make Up - Air brush (Sagan)

Make Up - Pigment glow (Bridal)

Make Up - Crystal Glow (Bridal)

Make Up - Mac (Bridal)

Make Up - Air brush (bridal)

Make Up - Party (Kids)


Waxing (Full Arms, Underarms & Half Legs)

Full Body Waxing Package (Full Arms, Underarms, Half Legs & Bikini Area)

D-Tan (Manicure + Pedicure )

Hair Spa ( Repair Schwarzkopf) + Glow Facial + Face Bleach + Manicure + Pedicure

Smoothening (Any length) + Haircut + Hair Spa

Schwarzkopf Hair Smootheining / Rebonding (Any Length) + Haircut + Hair Spa

Aroma Facial + Basic (Manicure + Pedicure ) + Bleach + Olive Oil Head Massage (30min) (with steam)

Basic Schrwzkopf Hair Spa + Haircut + Hair Wash

Waxing (Full Arms, Underarms & Full Legs) + Threading (Upper Lip & Eyebrows)

Haircut + Hair Wash + Blow-Dry

Full Arms Waxing+Full Leg Waxing+Lotus Facial+Lotus Hair Spa+Manicure+Pedicure

Cleanup+Full Arms Waxing+Bleach+threading

Bleach+Aroma Facial+Full Arms+Half Legs+Threading

Glow Facial+Oxy Bleach+Full Arms+Full Legs+Manicure

Party Makeup+Facial+Bleach+Full Legs+Full Arms+Bikini Wax

Global Highlights+Hair Cut+head Wash+Blow Dryer+Hair Spa

Hair Cut+Head Wash+Blow Dryer+Threading

Hair Spa+Facial+Bleach

Head Wash+hair Do+Saree Drop+Nail Paint+MakeUp

Full Arms & Half Legs

Hair Cut+Wash+Hair Styling+Head Massage

Full Arms+Half Legs+Underarms+Eyebrows

Full Arms+Full Legs+Underarms+Eyebrows+Upperlips

Facial+Manicure+Pedicure+Full Arms+Full Legs+Eyebrows+Hair Spa+Hair Cut

Basic Facial+Full Arms+half Arms+Manicre+Pedicure+Hair Spa+Eyebrows

Clean Up+Hair Spa+Full Arms+Half Legs+Manicure+Eyebrows

Hair Cut+ Hair Spa

Full Arms+Full Legs+Underarms

O3+ Whiting Facial+ Full Face Threading

Hair Cut+Threading+Upper Lip+Forhead

Eyebrows+upperlip+Full Arms+Half Legs+Underarms+Facial O3++D Tan

Full Body Waxing+Full Body Polishing

Rebounding + Global Hair Colour (L'Oreal)

Rebounding (L'Oreal) + Global Hair Colour (L'Oreal) + Keratin (GK)

Face bleach+Manicure+Pedicure Facial (aroma)+Threading (eyebrows upper-lip)+Normal wax (full arms, under arms & full legs)

MEN’S PACKAGE for just 2850/- (MONDAY-FRIDAY) Aroma Facial — Manicure — Pedicure Haircut — Head Massage — Shampoo

Facial O3+Face Bleach+Loreal Spa+Manicure+Pedicure+Arms Wax+half leg Wax

Fruite Facial+Bleach+Eyebrow+Upperlips+Pedicure+Full arms+Half Legs

Haircut+Hair Wash+Blow Dry

Lotus Facial+Full Arms Wax+Underarms+Upperlip+threading

Engagement Make - Up